Trusted Vendors

Purchasing and moving into a new home can be stressful and present quite a few challenges. To help you with this transition, over the years I have compiled a small list of vendors whom I have personally found to be reasonable, reliable and honest. These referrals will hopefully help you take some of the guess work out of looking for the right vendors to engage for the services you may want.

The vendors listed below are Jeff Schlesinger approved!

Escrow Services
Cheyenne Faitro
(818) 963-4900 x1602
Escrow of the West, Woodland Hills
Nazeli Grigorian
(818) 863-1386
Glen Oaks Escrow, Glendale
Title Services
Jamie Angel
(818) 296-5054
Fidelity National Title
Benjamin Acosta
(310) 691-4728
Fidelity National Title
Insurance and Investment Services
Ryan Luithly
(818) 851-3870
Western Gold Insurance (Homeowners)
Jeremy Licht
(818) 762-5947
JL Capital Management
General Contractor
A/V Automation and Smart Home Installations
Shane Stabile
(323) 868-1922
CA License #874494
Zach Zimmerman
(818) 274-2379
Future Ready
Child Safety
Mr. Baby Proofer
(888) 618-2229
Los Angeles and Ventura Counties
Please note that I do not have a partnership of any type, nor any deal to receive compensation of any type from these vendors for the referrals. These referrals are simply being done as a courtesy for you. If you have a negative experience with anyone that I have recommended, I will not be able to assist with any conflict resolution as I do not have any affiliation with their businesses. In the event of a negative experience I would however appreciate your feedback, so I will know if I should remove that particular vendor from my list. For additional recomendations, please contact me directly.

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